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Heather Bieri Live

About Heather

I love life & enjoy Every Day! I grew up in Preston, Idaho. Since then I have experienced life in many different areas of the world. I’ve lived in Utah, Virginia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and El Salvador. I’ve gained so much from my life adventures: Perspective, humility, love, gratitude, strength, and compassion. I’ve learned to embrace every joyful moment and every challenge. I am a sum of my experiences, and love every challenge and every triumph that has made me the woman I am today. </>

My purpose in writing songs and playing music is to create moments of feeling connected, strengthened, seen, understood, loved, and even healed. Feeling like someone has been where you’ve been, or just feeling like someone could hear what you felt from the inside, can have tremendous power and influence. My hope is that you hear and feel something through my music that speaks to you in profound ways.

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