80's Trivia Night
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80’s Night Music & Movie Trivia

Trivia Night Scoring and Rules

Questions 1-9 in each round are worth 2 points (there is no negative score for the wrong answer)
Question 10 in each round is an “Open Bid” question. This means teams can bid their accumulated points from each round to increase the total on the final question. Each round is separate so teams cannot bid points from round 1 in round 2. If teams choose not to wager their points, they will receive 2 points if correct just like questions 1-9.
At end of 10 rounds all rounds will be added up to calculate a winner.
If teams tie – a Jeopardy-Style tie-breaker round will be held.

Teams/Players cannot shout out answers (right or wrong).
No phones can be used. Phones must be on table or in a bag on back of chair
No bathroom breaks during questions. If a player must go, then they cannot return to game until that question is over.
If a player needs to take a call, they must leave area and return after question is over.
Host has final say in correct answers
Tie-Breaker teams answer questions in a Jeopardy format where they wager on final question and most points wins.