Our Story

History of Pinewoods Resort & Restaurant

Originally named “The Ponderosa Steakhouse,” a major portion of the Pinewoods Restaurant was built in the 1980s by an adventurous couple from Las Vegas who dared the risk of investing in a small mountain community. After an auspicious opening and some early success in this beautiful secluded forest setting, economic circumstances ultimately precipitated a change in ownership. 
Several years later, the new owners finished the restaurant and incorporated six large rental suites out of a partially completed adjacent hotel. With the completion of the restaurant and the inclusion of the suites, “The Ponderosa Steakhouse” became known as the “Pinewoods Restaurant and Inn.” It would be years still, before the ground floor would offer such amenities as a meeting room, recreation room, and spa. 
“The Pinewoods Restaurant and Inn” was open only on a seasonal basis for many years until some fortuitous circumstances permitted the acquisition of the property next door. Once the new acquisitions were remodeled, they became known as the present “Mountain Home,” “Bunkhouse,” and “Blue Pine Tours” buildings. With this expansion, “Pinewoods Restaurant and Inn” became the “Pinewoods Resort” and transitioned from seasonal to year round. As the resort grew and evolved, aspirations for further development were inspired, and the owners set their sights on the inn just down the road. The inn was initially known as”HilItop House” and then “Whispering Pines,” and finally the “Inn at Cedar Mountain” before it became associated with the Pinewoods Resort. In 1998, the coveted inn’s diverse facilities, charming apartments, and smaller suites became a part of the Pinewoods complex. This purchase permitted the creation of our spacious “Family Suite.” 

In late December 2014, business entrepreneur Ed Beggs and his brother Don Beggs stumbled upon the Pinewoods Resort. They were impressed by the rustic charm and prime location, and in seeing the potential of the resort, they purchased the property. After speaking with the former owner, they felt the desire to continue with his vision for the place and bring the property back to its former glory. Our newly renovated rooms were designed to preserve the rustic cabin experience and offer an authentic home away from home. When you do decide to leave the comforts of your charming cabin dwellings, we offer an indoor pool and spa year round for your enjoyment. After working up an appetite, we invite you to partake in a gourmet meal provided by our award winning chefs in the newly revamped restaurant.