Originally name “The Ponderosa Steakhouse”, a major portion of Pinewoods Restaurant was built in the 1980’s by an adventuresome couple from Las Vegas who dared the risks of investing in a small mountain community. After an auspicious opening and some early success in this beautiful and secluded forest setting, economic circumstances ultimately precipitated a change of ownership.

Pinewoods Resort Exterior

The restaurant was finished by the new owner and several years later, six large rental suites were built out of a partially completed adjacent motel. It was then called “Pinewoods Restaurant and Inn”. Several more years passed before the ground floor was finished with a meeting room, a recreation room, and a spa.

The “Restaurant and Inn” was open only on a seasonal basis for several years until some fortuitous circumstances permitted the acquisition of the property next door. When the three buildings included in that purchase were finally remodeled, they became the present”Mountain Home”,” Bunkhouse” and the “Blue Pine Tours” buildings. This was the first real expansion: the name was changed to “Pinewoods Resort” and the resort began staying open year round. Just down the road a bit, our Inn was first known as “Hilltop House” and then “Whispering Pines” before a new owner named it “The Inn At Cedar Mountain”. It was coveted for many years as a logical addition to Pinewoods Resort before its diverse facilities, charming apartments, and smaller suites became part of the Pinewoods complex in 1998. This purchase permitted the creation of our spacious “Family suite”.

In addition to the initial recreation room and spa in the lodge, Pinewoods has expanded its outdoors recreational offering over the years to include picnic areas with tables and barbeque stations, a fire pit, volleyball and basketball courts, horseshoe pits and archery range, and a children’s play area. In turn, the addition of Snowmobiles and ATV rental have expanded the outreach of the resort, and the nearby horseback riding that had already been available. Our small Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park, laundry and shower building, picnic pavilion and handicapped lodging facilities provide a diverse and important adjunct to the Resort’s well-rounded hospitality services.

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With its secluded forest settings, rustic decor, antiques, exposed beams and country ambience, Pinewoods Restaurant has, in turn, grown in popularity over the years, becoming the singular center for the judicious finer and discerning dinner groups from near and far while serving as a distinctive gathering place for friends and families on Cedar Mountain. It has also catered to and provided banquets for business meetings, seminar, retreats, and reunions of all kinds.

Like all businesses that seek to survive in the relative isolation of a mountain community, Pinewoods Restaurant is faced with constantly shifting customer patronage. Subsequently staffing presents a difficult challenge as we try to anticipate, and seek to cope with, the ebb and flow of customer demand that often includes unpredictably “slow”nights and other nights that challenge the efficiency of our service capacity. On these occasions we sincerely request your patience and understanding. At the same time, however, please let us know of any inconvenience or dissatisfaction you may experience so we may do whatever possible to correct the situation.